Thursday, March 29, 2007

Friends update - Chris and Steve

Steve and Chris

These are my friends ... Steve and Chris. Such a cute couple, no? Well, there was some drama between Steve, Chris, and Matt.

Matt is a flirt and a very social guy. Matt was talking to Steve aeons ago and Matt wanted to meet Steve. In doing so, Matt's ex-BF, Joe wasn't too keen on meeting and therefore plans fell though. Steve was distraught of the whole deal and I had a party a couple of months ago where we would all meet. Which was a rocking party already from the get go!

Joe was perturbed of the whole deal and Joe was standoff-ish from meeting Steve which fueled the fire of Matt and Steve not meeting.

Not a problem. As the night progressed on from drinking, eating, and playing video games ... Joe wanted to leave due to Matt's "eyes" on Steve. Which at first, I don't blame him. Mind you readers, I'm not a jealous person. So, it was James, Chris, and Steve left ... Chris and Steve took our guest bedroom and James and I went to bed.

... since then, it's all been history. From other weekends at our place to going to the museum and fancy restaurants ... it's all been good, but there needed to be some closure ...

... Read below:

Matt wrote:

So I was talking to Joe last night about a bunch of stuff including you and Steve.
Joe's opinion was for me not to talk to you about this but my opinion is otherwise since I feel like we've become better friends now.
So here it is.
I know you and Steve are involved to whatever extent. I'm interested in sleeping with Steve but not if he's dating you or if you would get jealous. In the mean time... I'm just avoiding the whole situation until there's more clarity.
So I just thought you deserved to know where my head is at.

Chris responded:

Actually, I'm glad that you did say something and I've kinda known for a little while... Secrets don't seem to fare well at Jon's house and at times it has been an uncomfortable position to be in.
That said, I have never felt that it was my place to interfere in the issue as it's basically between Steven and youself, as well as because our status hasn't been formalized.
Now I'll be open with you about how I feel... I really like Steven and I want to see where things go with him in terms of a relationship.
Finally, I really do appreciate you emailing me me about this and while trying not to sound too cheesy, it means a lot that you took my feelings into consideration.

--- --- ---

I just glad that all worked out ... but, there might be more drama later ... which I hope doesn't happen. Steve and Chris really make a cute couple though.

--- --- ---

I also discussed with Chris and Rick [which I haven't introduced yet] the current situation with Matt. They said that I'm going over my head ... I do agree that with them, but, I'm hesitant - I just care too much. Matt went to NJ to meet with a bear couple, but I don't know what his intentions are. It's kind of weird yet erotic - for all you gay bear readers and fag hags ... I think you know what I thinking right? I totally forgot what the bear couple looks like ... SHIT! I want to keep him close for the emotional side that needs attention, but I dont' want to keep him that close for the sole reason I might do something wrong. Afterwards, the 4 of us [James included] has dinner at Asian Bowl which was the BOMB ... and went home to sleep.

... I didn't have any really strange dreams last night/this morning - strange ... I wish I was more of a beefy musclebear - but, I don't. After losing 60 pounds, I still don't feel great. One day ... I'll be 180 pounds again ... one day.


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