Thursday, March 29, 2007

Other dream.

This is about my past weekend with some friends.

... I had this crazy dream where a lamb, a cow, a pig, and a chicken were attacking me and I had to cast my totems to veer them off me ... after I killed them and picked up their spoils ... I skinned them and I made a leather sash called "Belt of Fogo de Chao" which gave +3 seconds to eat anything I had in stock. For example, if I ate a Spongy Morel which one regains 554 health in 24 seconds ... it would only take me 18 seconds to complete that. How strange is that? Also, when I went back to bed a 6AM ... I had this dream that I was being chased by ninjas that were throwing Chinese firecrackers that dealt 6 HP instant damage if the firecracker was within 3 feet of me. What is my problem?

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